I’m going to apologize because this is going to be me ranting a bit to help release a bit of stress.
Let me just say that selling a house is 100 times more stressful than buying one, or maybe that’s because I don’t expect a house to be completely perfect unless it’s brand spanking new. Our buyers were trying to nickel and dime us the entire process. Happily escrow closed on Monday.
Sadly selling the house is only the beginning of my problems…we decided to move in with my mother in law & her boyfriend while looking for our new home. It’s great for my kids who have 40 acres to play on and a pool to swim in everyday. However, I’m stuck walking on eggshells because her boyfriend 1. Doesn’t agree with how we are raising our kids 2. Instead of discussing a possible problem decides to get sarcastic & rude with me.
I really don’t understand why an adult in their late 50s is more of a child than my actual children are. Sure my children act out & then have to deal with the consequences. But my mother in law’s boyfriend gets his feelings hurt & I am cornered by my mother in law telling me I need to remember that this is his home & he needs to be respected, yet I bit my tongue every time he did something that was hurtful to me or he tried to interfere with my parenting. My mother in law even tried to justify his horrible treatment of me. We were trying to find an apartment so I would not have to deal with this between now & a house purchase, but sadly nothing is readily available right now. So now I’m stuck waiting for the other shoe to drop.
And now I will apologize again for my ranting & raving.

Going a little crazy with the sale of my house right now. I have no problem with a buyer asking for things, but I dislike when they’re unreasonable. I really don’t want to start this process all over again, so please let these people see reason!


I’m posting this a bit later that I had planned. I wrote this 15 years ago (so please excuse my lack of finess) shortly before my grandmother passed away from pancreatic cancer


My heart breaks every time I hear goodbye.

I don’t need another heartache and

I don’t need

to cry.

Some goodbyes

are not forever

and some 


hearts will always stay.

Please don’t leave


here in this big world.

I need your arms

to comfort me late 

at night. I know as I


the heavens

smile down

on me while you

wave goodbye.

Puzzle Pieces

I am but a 


of a greater 

puzzle; an enigma

in place of a 

girl. The ups and

downs of a 


ride make  me


to handle. My 


are rough and I

never quite fit, yet

I have a


that even I don’t

understand. I am

who I am, but you’ll


catch more than a


of what’s really



Life is made up of moments. Most of them pass us by in scenes of black and white, but every now and then there are ones that standout in vivid color. Those are the moments worth holding onto, and to be given lives of their own. I don’t want to be someone who sits back waiting for life to happen to me any longer. I want to grab hold of my moments and finally live. To make myself clear, you are my moment. The one that will breathe life into every moment that follows. Right now you are the only moment worth living in.